“Exploratory Data Analysis Using R” Training


A great opportunity for Professionals and Business owners to join e-Manasah upcoming program (Exploratory Data Analysis Using R)

This program will be held in Amman/Jordan; Talal Abu Ghazalah Forum

Between Saturday-Monday 13-15 August 2022

Time: 10:00am-2:00pm

Fees: JD 600 per attendee

The course objective is:

  • Install and configure the R environment.
  • Handle and manipulate data.
  • Identify and utilize control structures in R.
  • Create functions in R.
  • Perform basic statistics.
  • Understand the fundamentals of data visualization using bas-R and ggplot.
  • Perform data visualization using R.
  • Import and export data using R.

To reserve your seat with us, kindly pay through this link https://www.aiquintessential.co.uk/product/data-driven-decision-making-course/

It is given through certified instructors from UK and accredited certificates shall be awarded upon completion of this course.

Dr Heba Daraghmeh

The passionate founder and managing director of ‘AI Quintessential’ with over 15 years of experience in highly reputable educational institutes in the UAE and in England. Heba is an experienced professional with Electrical Engineering background. She completed her MSc, and PhD in Education. In her research, Heba studied the cognitive neuroscience behind learning computer programming and its impact on the development of the learners’ cognitive abilities. She has key strengths in business intelligence, data analysis, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. She is motivated and capable of providing high quality management and support to her colleagues and team members.


Mr Alan Harper

As a training specialist for AI Quintessential, Alan is a design and digital innovation professional with a keen interest in academic training and mentoring. Core skills include software development, teaching (UK Key Stages 2 through to Adult Education) and public speaking. Current projects include the curriculum development and training delivery for a joint partnership between UK and Middle East education institutions.