Fintech Road Vision Conference


Systems Company for Consultancy (SCC) is pleased to introduce to you a unique and timely opportunity to be a Participant and to attend the global “ Fintech Road Vision Conference “  (FRV), which will be held in Istanbul on 28 and 29 June 2022 and addressed to the MEA Region.

We at SCC are a Value Supporter for FRV Conference, and we can assure you that we will do our best to maximize your benefit from this conference.

The FRV Conference will focus on the new technology trends in Banking , Fintech, and Digital Financial Services industry and sectors.

Please find attached FRV Conference profile, We are all confident that your unique experiences in this industry will add value to the FRV conference, in the meantime, this conference will be a good opportunity for you to arrange mutual networking meetings, as we expect a very high number of participants from the MEA region.

Please visit  FRV conference website   and its latest eventAfroAsia 2019 in the Fintech and Banking industry and our preparing for our next event, which will be larger and more comprehensive. “Fintech Road Vision 2022”  With key international speakers and participants from a wide range of fintech and banking industries in the MEA region Under the slogan “Into A New Era of Banking”.

register at this conference using this link  and please use our Promotion code 2952 to assure a discount of 10% of the participation fee

Looking forward and hope to hear from you soon.