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Al Manhal is dedicated to offering high quality data protection and information security for organizations and individuals who are seeking to upgrade their technical standards and overcome security problems.

Our standout product, YubiKey phishing-resistant MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) epitomizes simplicity with a touch, ensuring seamless verification. YubiKeys support multiple authentication protocols, allowing you to integrate them effortlessly into any tech stack, be it legacy or modern. Your security is our priority, and we provide solutions that align with your evolving needs.

Secure Authentication Essentials Package

1x YubiHSM + 10x YubiKey 5NFC

·       Package Description:
Safeguard your users’ credentials and fortify Windows smart card login authentication by employing certificate-based authentication in place of traditional username and password authentication. This comprehensive package is specifically crafted to establish a compact Microsoft PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) for issuing user certificates and ensuring their security through the utilization of Yubico HSM and YubiKey security keys.

This package accommodates 10 users and offers scalability options for expansion as needed.

·       YubiKey 5NFC

Multi-protocol security key eliminates account takeovers with strong two-factor, multi-factor, passwordless authentication, and seamless touch-to-sign. Multi-protocol support allows for strong security for legacy and modern environments. And a full range of form factors allows users to secure online and social media accounts on all devices they love, across desktops and mobile.

Multi-protocol support; FIDO2, U2F, Smart card, OTP, OpenPGP 3

YubiKey 5NFC Product Brief.pdf

·       YubiHSM 2

The YubiHSM enables organizations of all sizes to enhance cryptographic key security throughout the entire lifecycle, reduce risk, and ensure adherence to compliance regulations. With the YubiHSM SDK 2.0 available as open source, organizations can easily and rapidly integrate support for the secure HSM into a wide range of platforms and systems for existing and emerging use cases where strong security is more critical than ever before.


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