IBM Digital Nation Platform


int@j is pleased to inform you that IBM accepted to  provide complimentary access to its Unique Digital Learning and Innovation Platform called “IBM  Digital Nation Platform”   for all Jordanians free  till end of August 2020.

Please note that this platform  will enable Jordanian to :

  • Learn the skills of the future through their explorer module of the platform.
  • Bridge the digital skills gap and empower today’s workforce with the most demanded skills.
  • On line courses with focus on highly sought after skills in future emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of things, Cybersecurity, Quantum Computing,  block chain, data science, analytics,..etc
  • Innovate and build Solution on IBM Cloud. (Access to IBM Cloud Lite  for Developers up to 40 services)
  • Job Advisor tool, to align skills to job Market requirement.

Upon the finalization of this complimentary duration, You have the option to continue the utilization of the platform for the required number of users on a yearly basis at a cost.

Please see below the link to the Platform where you can access and register using your corporate email address.