“Service level Agreement”Training


You are invited to take part in GCE’s upcoming virtual training program on “SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENTS”

which will be conducted Virtual Online from 22-24 March  2021

Case Study: Critique An SLA

Put Your Newly Acquired SLA Knowledge Into Practice

Joe Caruso
Specialization: Slas & Contract Management
Joe is a professional with over 25 years’ experience as a practitioner, in contract management and service delivery.
Joe’s experience of being on both the “buy-side” representing customers and the “sell-side” representing suppliers,
enables him to have a “two sides of the coin” view of projects and contracts and allows him to reach outcomes that
are mutually benecial to both parties, thereby ensuring success and sustainable relationships.

• Strategy, Planning, And Resource Managers.
• Service Delivery Managers.
• Contracts Personnel.
• Operations And Divisional Managers.
• Procurement And Purchasing Managers.
• Logistics And Supply Chain Managers.

attached is a brochure containing more details for your review.

register by contacting Eng. Amer Al- Najjar on 00962 777 397 728, 00962 5513879, email: anajar@GCE.COM.JO, Noting that As an int@j member you will get a 15% discount on the training fees 400 JOD