The Power Of Branding Training Course


You are invited to take part in GCE’s upcoming virtual training program on “The Power of Branding”: Personal and Corporate Branding to Build and Maintain Reputation.’ From 16-18 March  2021 from 10:00-AM-1:00PM

Good brands are instantly identifiable, and great brands are so strong that they often become synonymous with the product or service they provide. A strong brand helps a business cut through the noise and establish itself in the marketplace while leaving a lasting impression with customers. Personal brands are no different. Every professional wants to stand out from the crowd and get noticed, whether that be in a job search or as a thought leader in their industry. A strong personal brand can help a professional candidate make a lasting impression on those they meet, gain attention in the industry, and establish a professional as a trusted expert.

This virtual training programme, delivered as three half-day sessions, will introduce you to the powerful world of personal and corporate branding, a world which has changed dramatically as a result of COVID-19 and wider tech transformation. It will be of interest to individuals seeking to attract and secure career opportunities, as well as company executives responsible for maintaining corporate reputation to maximize sales and CX.

attached is a brochure containing more details for your review.

register by contacting Eng. Amer Al- Najjar on 00962 777 397 728 , 00962 5513879, email: anajar@GCE.COM.JO, Noting that As an int@j member you will get a 20% discount