Unlock New Horizon with Our Business Training Programs



At Migrate, we are committed to helping you and your organization excel in today’s dynamic business landscape. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce an exclusive partnership with Utopia Financial Advisory, bringing you four remarkable Academy Programs designed to meet the evolving demands of the business world.

Here’s a glimpse of what we have in store for you:

Program 1: Business Continuity Management Discover how to safeguard your organization, mitigate risks, and ensure seamless operations. This unique, 3-day intensive training is tailored for CEOs and executives.

Program 2: Business Strategic Planning Master the art of strategic planning, set clear objectives, and lead with precision. This 3-day program is your blueprint for success, exclusively designed for CEOs and executives.

Program 3: AI Impact on Business: Creating Value and Opportunities Uncover AI’s tangible impact on business, design a roadmap, and prepare for seamless AI integration. Join top CEOs and executives for a 3-day deep dive into AI exploration.

Program 4: Mastering the Perfect Sales Call If you’re a sales professional aiming to hone your skills or explore sales career opportunities, this 2-day program is your golden ticket to success. Learn the secrets of effective sales calls, master rapport building, and perfect deal-closing techniques!

For further information & registration please contact Email : academy@migratebusiness.com or Tel # : 06 5806030

Noting that as an int@j member you will get 30% discount on the below prices :-

Program Name Program Price/ Individual Program Price/Intaj Members
Business Continuity Management 300 210
Business Strategic Planning 300 210
AI Impact on the Business, Creating Value and Opportunities 300 210
Mastering the Perfect Sales Call 220 155