int@j and StartupsJo, are in the process of detailing or listing our Jordanian startups by categorizing them under the various verticals eg. EdTech, FinTech, Logistics, etc.
This initiative or guide is to map the landscape and assist in pinpointing opportunities that could arise and verticals that are not being serviced.
We will be asking each startup to categorize themselves under one or more sub-vertical. The Startups need to be at an MVP stage whether registered or not.

The outcome of the guide, will be a periodically updated startup landscape for Jordan with focus on each vertical.

Please find below the verticals and their sub-verticals for your review. Please click on each vertical and a list will open up for feedback. You can add, edit, or suggest to remove certain sub-verticals. You can also at the bottom of the form suggest other potential Verticals new and their sub-verticals.