int@j and StartupsJo Council are launching Season II of the national initiative TechAID to allow creativity and innovation to take an advanced role to solve challenges, grow companies, expand current opportunities and create new ones.

Companies or startups who own innovative Products & Solutions can apply

Main Objective:
Support any Jordanian venture to overcome challenges that limit the growth of any innovative solution that is based on technology.

Main Eligibility Criterion of Applicants
Own a Ready-to-Market Jordanian developed operational product

Health Care
Business Continuity
Efficient teamwork
New and resilient business models
Value chains & logistics
Protecting employees
Using Technology
Stay close to your customers
Hospitality & Tourism
Hotels at low occupancy or closed, and may never reopen
Widespread unemployment for hospitality, events and restaurants
Safety concerns related to transitioning back to “normal” for events, restaurants, hotels, airlines, rental cars and other travel-related employees
Safety and health concerns that customers will have when traveling
Social Cohesion
Protection of isolated and at-risk groups
Mitigating fake news spreading
Support arts & entertainment
Fight against crime
Developing people-driven economies
E-Learning methods & tools
Primary and secondary school-specific challenges
University-specific challenges
Digital Finance
Support identification of financial shortfalls
Speed-up access to financial support
Speed-up distribution of financial support
Availability of emergency health insurance
Other Topics
Be creative!
Validation Criteria
Evaluation Committee
Mustapha Tabba

Chief Operating Officer (COO) - Ipsos MENA

Ruba Darwish

Board Member of int@j & GM of BMB Jordan

Liza Habashneh

Acting Director of Initiatives and Knowledge stations Ministry of Digital Economy & Entrepreneurship

Rana Dababneh
Rana Dababneh

Deputy Chief PR, CSR, and Corporate Communication Officer
Orange Jordan

Nawar Shahrouri

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) - MenaITech

Ibrahim Younis

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) - Software Consultancy

Subject Matter Expert A
Will be determined based on solution/product industry
Subject Matter Expert B
Will be determined based on solution/product industry
Benefits for Selected Companies
Support the selected solutions / companies in getting access to relevant stakeholder(s) within the relevant industry
Assist in promoting selected solutions / companies through media channels
Validated solutions will be promoted via an event to be organized upon the closing of the season
Facilitate access to finance and markets for the validated solutions / companies if needed
Support matching the team of the selected company with mentors and subject matter experts if needed