DESAISIV is a software company offering a B2B AI product for healthcare organisations (hospitals, pharmacy chains, pharma companies, labs and health insurance companies). DESAISIV helps our clients’ cut costs by reducing inventory waste and increasing revenue by recommending upselling and cross-selling, this all happens automatically by our AI product which takes into account all data coming from the client's electronic system.
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DESAISIV (Hannover Artificial Intelligence Technology Co.)
ديسايسف (هانوفر لتكنولوجيا الذكاء الاصطناعي)
Web development/ Web design, Consulting &Training, Software Development, Mobile Application development, Other
ISIC Activities
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Health, Government and Public Sector, Insurance
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King Hussein Business Park, Building No 20
Amman 11831, Jordan

+962 (77) 6906978