Having this agreement signed by both CEO Green circle Eng.Muhammad Alkhudari and Mr Ahmad Alshqour president of AlOula group, the organizer of this event as the starting pint point for future cooperation, Green circle is officially the silver sponsor of the Global Facilities Management Expo.

The expo will include many local and international facilities and manufacturers of different sectors; health, safety and supportive services. green circle will exclusively the cyber attendee as the most important pillar of the supportive services for any project of our times.

The expo goals are creating proper job opportunities through the challenges that encounter the markets focusing on the development of the local market in several means.

While green circle deeply believes that the power of change comes from direct communication for companies, its role roses in this expo as exploring, educating, and inciting individuals in facilities management to progress and sustain success and competition.

The expo will interconnect all services providers and companies of all sectors and will serve as the ideal forum to enhance business and increase the local markets sails by providing services, products and cutting edge technology related to the aspects of this expo, thus, green circle would like to invite dear fellow colleagues who are willing to join in under the supporting services track to directly contact us to be suited and facilitated to participate as it is the sponsor of this vital event which will be held at Amman Zara expo 10 thru 12 May.