Orange Jordan celebrated the 13th anniversary of the launch of Orange Radio, an interactive digital internal communication channel that engages employees and presents them with an episode every Thursday in a live broadcast that features a variety of topics including top updates, news, and expert advice in several fields, as well as fun competitions and events.

As an integrated digital channel, Orange Radio ensures a two-way communication by connecting with employees across the Kingdom, listening to their voices, and providing them with content that interests them, including business updates, wellbeing related tips, and topics at the core of life.

Orange Radio is the number one effective communication channel between management and employees. The CEO, members of the executive committee, and other directors and managers appear from time to time on the show to share news, answer questions, and discuss upcoming initiatives or updates transparently. Orange Radio also hosts senior management teams from Orange Africa and the Middle East, as well as Orange Global Group, when they visit Orange Jordan. These episodes are broadcast to all Orange Group employees.

Orange Radio recently broadcasted a special episode in Arabic titled “MENA wa Fina” for Orange Africa and Middle East employees in Tunisia, Morocco, and Egypt, as well as Jordan, witnessing remarkable participation and high interaction.

Marking its 13th anniversary, Orange Radio broadcasted a special episode that highlighted its key milestones, memorable moments, and happy occasions involving employees and their families. The episode also showcased Orange Radio’s remarkable transformation from an audio to a visual broadcast, which employees can now watch and interact with live from anywhere through phone calls, SMS, WhatsApp messages, and Orange Radio’s social media.

Employees Relations & Internal Communication Director at Orange Jordan, Maysoon Al Booz, affirmed the important role of Orange Radio in internal communication, which always seeks to anticipate employees’ aspirations and keep them informed. She pointed out that Orange Radio’s success came as a result of its keenness to ensure interactive communication with employees throughout the Kingdom in its engaging episodes, as well as sharing the most special moments with them by celebrating various occasions.

Chief Legal, Regulatory, Sourcing, Supply Chain, and Human Resources Officer at Orange Jordan, Dr. Ibrahim Harb, congratulated all employees on the 13th anniversary of Orange Radio and its impressive achievements throughout the years. He noted that the radio is a vital internal communication channel in the company and that it plays an important role in sharing special occasions with the employees and their families, such as special episodes for the month of Ramadan.

Dr. Harb also highlighted Orange Radio’s continuous efforts to grow and provide the best, a quest that distinguishes both internal communication strategy and company culture at Orange Jordan.