Education for Employment-Jordan (EFE-Jordan)recently launched a new website to kick off a three-month image campaign promoting skilled crafts under the slogan ‘صنعتي بصمتي’ (Arabic for ‘My Craft is My Mark’). The nationwide campaign was launched together with the GIZ project ‘Employment Oriented Vocational Training for Skilled Crafts- which is implemented on behalf of the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), Kreishandwerkerschaft Steinfurt-Warendorf (KH ST-WAF), Ministry of Labour (MoL) and Technical and Vocational Skills Development Commission (TVSDC).

The image campaign targets young men and women – those most affected by Jordan’s high unemployment rate – and sheds light on the numerous opportunities presented by skilled crafts professions such as welding, hairdressing, cosmetology, auto mechanics, sanitary plumbing and mobile maintenance. By raising awareness about the variety of skilled crafts professions and highlighting inspirational success stories, the image campaign aims to shift the negative perception surrounding such occupations in order to promote them as viable paths towards better futures for youth and their families, while showcasing their positive impact on communities and economies at large. For these reasons, EFE-Jordan – alongside GIZ, KH ST-WAF, MoL and TVSDC – strives to empower youth, particularly females who are often restricted from entering skilled crafts professions, as they are regarded unsuitable for young women.

EFE-Jordan is a nonprofit organization leading a national initiative to create economic opportunities for unemployed youth across the Kingdom and operates across all governorates, catering to beneficiaries from both Jordanian and Syrian nationalities, as well as university and non-university students. Since its inception in 2006, EFE-Jordan has trained over 12,000 individuals, 68% of whom are women, with nearly 85% having been linked with different employment opportunities. EFE-Jordan is a part of the international EFE network; comprised of locally-run foundations in Egypt, Jordan, Palestine, Morocco, Tunisia, Yemen and Saudi Arabia, alongside global support hubs in Europe, the US and the UAE.

To learn more or to employ our graduates please visit our website and our social media platforms, Facebook: @EFEJor, Twitter: @EFE_Jor, Instagram: EFE-Jordan, YouTube: EFE-Jordan , Linked in: EFE-Jordan التعليم لأجل التوظيف الأردنية or contact us:, phone number: +962 6 5 666 526/8