Advanced Business Solutions, SAP Gold Partner, and Specialized Technical Services sign a partnership agreement to allow users to run SAP on the Cloud

ABS is a consultancy group specialized in the advancement of business processes for SMEs through the deployment of business management solutions. ABS’ notable portfolio includes serving more than 70 clients in 9 different countries.

STS is an information technology service provider with offices in 8 countries. Since 1989, STS has helped hundreds of companies in the MENA region establish a strong foundation to strategically grow in their respective markets.

The partnership recognizes that ABS is one of STS’ top ERP vendors, while STS being ABS’ delivery partner for cloud services. This agreement allows users to run SAP Business One on cloud subscription which significantly contributes to reduced costs, enhanced productivity and flexibility, while guaranteeing data security.

Networked Energy Services, Husam Nimer Drugstore, IGCC, ETA-max and many more are already benefiting from ABS and STS’ strong bond, and it is with great pride that we share their delight of running the top ERP software securely and efficiently thanks to both parties of the partnership.

This milestone is a step forward towards our vision in providing SMEs with outstanding benefits through SAP solutions tailored to their businesses. We value this partnership and trust that our esteemed customers will greatly enjoy the scalability and flexibility of running SAP Business One on the cloud.