Al Hussein Technical University hosted the annual NASA Space Apps Challenge, which is an initiative led by NASA in collaboration with the Earth Sciences Division of NASA’s Science Mission Directorate. The competition draws a large number of participants of various ages and backgrounds, targeting both students and non-students to solve problems related to space science in our universe.

Participating teams choose one of the diverse challenges presented on the competition’s website. These challenges typically revolve around topics such as artificial intelligence, climate change, electricity and communications, 3D printing, biology, smart applications, game development, art, and more. You can view this year’s competition challenges through the following link:

This competition provides a new experience for participants to think innovatively within a short timeframe by utilizing teamwork and collaboration skills, critical thinking, and selecting the best possible solutions to address the issues in their environment.

At the end of the competition, participants receive a participation certificate from NASA Space Apps, while the winning teams receive local awards, and three teams have the opportunity to participate in the global competition.

The first-place award was achieved by the team “Raptors” from Hussein Technical University with their project named “Astrofy.” The team was composed of Shadi Jibril, Emad Al-Khatib, Ra’ad Marayan, and Bisher Al-Dabbagh