Multan, Pakistan—With the aim of providing a more convenient journey and ensuring the safety of patients amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Al-Khidmat Foundation Labs – one of the largest charitable medical organizations in Pakistan with 119 labs across the country–have recently acquired SEDCO’s Patient Experience Management (PEM) System for one of its branches, with plans to cover more branches in the future.

The PEM solution comprises a ticketing kiosk for managing queues, and digital signage solution that displays queue information as well as other educational and promotional content to create greater patient awareness and engagement.

Patients visiting the lab can use the system’s ticketing kiosk to generate a printed token and wait for their turn. In the meanwhile, the digital signage solution integrated within the PEM system keeps them engaged and informed about the lab’s latest offerings and helps the organization create awareness about COVID-19 safety guidelines. The digital signage solution also displays the number of the next customer to be served, as well as the counter number they must head to.

So far, the PEM system has shown remarkable success in eliminating long queues and helping lab staff organize their operations to serve patients in a prompt and efficient manner. The integration of the PEM system has also played a pivotal role in helping the organization offer its services in a COVID-compliant manner by ensuring appropriate social distancing.

Khobaib Wahdi, CEO of Al-Khidmat Foundation Labs, spoke about the organization’s collaboration with SEDCO and stated, “Al-Khidmat Foundation Labs has been reviewing its operational processes to continue functioning in light of the new normal. The introduction of a Queue Management System is in line with our customer-oriented strategy to serve patients in a hassle-free manner and provide them with a safer journey. The Foundation looks forward to integrating this solution in other branches across Pakistan.”

Imran Sharif, Business Development Manager at SEDCO, commented “SEDCO is pleased to be working with Al-Khidmat Foundation Labs and helping them align their services with COVID-19 guidelines. We are committed to delivering digital transformation solutions to support the healthcare sector and take patient experience to the next level.”

SEDCO has assisted a number of hospitals, labs, and many other medical centers in complying with health and safety directives to remain functional amid the new challenges of the global health crisis. The company continues with its efforts to develop advanced queue management solutions that allow healthcare providers to streamline their operations at minimal cost and ensure the safety of their patients.

Beside the healthcare sector, SEDCO provides virtual queuing solutions to banks, telecom operators and governmental institutions where they empower their customers to book appointments in advance through their smartphones and control branch capacity to maintain social distancing.

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