Annual IT_ Sector Salary Survey 2020


int@j and SourceitHR are giving you the opportunity to obtain a deeper insight into the rewards and benefits of the IT Sector in Jordan; by conducting a sector-specific survey, SourceitHR will collect updated data from IT companies in Jordan, conduct thorough analysis, and provide tailored reports regarding your company’s positioning in the market and identify internal anomalies that might, unknowingly, be present within your organization.


The IT sector has always been one of the most dynamic sectors in the world; One of the main pillars that ensure the sustainability of the company, is having an engaged, qualified, and loyal team of people striving to continuously push the organization forward, and to ensure having the right team, organizations are required to know their positioning in the market in terms of human capital management, whether it be in terms of policies, rewards and benefits, or even in terms of the culture instilled within the organization.


The process is quite simple, as the following:


  1. Interested organizations are kindly requested to send an email to show interest for int@j membership team and no longer than Thursday 16th of July.
  2. where you will receive an Email with data collection kit, that includes an excel sheet, and links to online surveys (Deadline for Data collection: 31st of July)
  3. Then SourceitHR will do all the crunching and conduct visits for validation when needed to ensure the accuracy of data provided
  4. SourceitHR will begin compiling and delivering tailored reports for each participant (Reports will be submitted starting November 2020)


What the reports include:


  • The market data, represented in the 3 main quartile lines (Lower Quartile, Median, Upper Quartile)
  • Benefits and Allowances report: a report detailing what the IT Sector is currently providing to their employees in the form of benefits and allowances and how it is distributed among levels/grades of employees
  • External Competitiveness analysis which details your company’s current positioning in comparison with the 3 main market lines for each level/grade of employees
  • Internal Equity analysis which pinpoints any disparities in pay between different levels/grades of employees


Thank you in advance for your cooperation.