Benefit from the“Wikipedia Preview” Feature


int@j is pleased to invite you to benefit from the “Wikipedia Preview” feature provided for int@j members.

With the vast amount of content online, helping people to stay engaged with your company website content can be a constant challenge, especially when your mission is to inform and educate them.

The following illustrates the benefits of  Wikipedia Preview:

  • Solves the core problem of users leaving your site -either by following a link or leaving your site altogether – to gain further context on your content.
  • A reader can see a short summary of an unknown word or concept in your content by hovering or tapping on it, without ever leaving your content page, through an easy implementation
  • Enables your users to obtain specific information from Wikipedia through a pop-up “infobox” that will appear when the user drags their cursor to the hyperlinked text.
  • Enhances your user experience by providing your readers more information about particular terms, persons, places, etc without leaving your page.

Wikipedia Preview is a great fit for:

  • Informational providers on important societal topics like gender, health, finance and education
  • Educational institutions
  • News and content publishers
  • Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums (GLAM) institutions

The Criteria of beneficiaries of Wikipedia Preview

  • >10k users per month
  • The bulk of readership is on mobile
  • Website in Arabic

If you are interested in this opportunity, please send a show of interest email to: no longer than September 3rd, so that we can arrange an information session to begin a dialog and understand all the needed queries.

More information about the “Wikipedia Preview” feature can be found when you check this demo link and see the Arabic demo feature.