Calling for ambitious, women-led businesses in Jordan looking to increase their online sales via eCommerce


Are you a growing business based in Jordan? Is your company-owned or managed by women? Are you looking to increase your eCommerce sales, reach new customers, and help your company grow?

OCO Global is working with the World Bank’s Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative (WEFI) to help female entrepreneurs in Jordan use eCommerce more effectively – enabling them to build their technical knowledge, scale up, enter new markets, and export via eCommerce.

The project will deliver a programme of coaching for women-led small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Jordan, which will help them to increase their sales via eCommerce through eCommerce platforms such as eBay, Amazon, Souq, etc.

calling for women-led SMEs who want to receive coaching and support from local and international experts to help them scale up their eCommerce sales.

We are seeking to support businesses that are women-owned or women-managed, who produce goods sellable through e-commerce platforms. We are particularly interested to work with companies in the Crafts, Beauty Products, Clothing and Food Products sectors, with between 5 and 50 employees. We are willing to consider smaller businesses, or those active in different sectors, if they demonstrate good potential for growth.

You do not have to have extensive previous experience selling online, but if you do, then we can help you improve and optimize your sales, and reach new potential markets.

Participating businesses will receive 3 – 4 practical coaching sessions from trained eCommerce advisors to cover all areas of running an eCommerce business. Coaching sessions are expected to be delivered virtually, and there will be a limited number of SMEs allocated to each eCommerce advisor to ensure a tailored coaching experience depending on your specific needs. During this time, our eCommerce advisors (supported by international experts) will continue to provide guidance, feedback and support to you to help you improve your skills and knowledge further.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying for this position, please go to the following link to fill out the application form and submit your CV (in English).

We are currently recruiting on a rolling basis before the close of the program in November 2021, please apply as soon as you can to be considered for the mentorship.