Extraordinary and Ordinary General Assembly Meetings & Board of Directors Elections 2021-2023


Dear Valued Members,

int@j is pleased to invite you to attend  ” The Extraordinary and Ordinary General Assembly Meeting & Board of Directors Elections”. The meeting is due to take place on Wednesday, September 15, 2021, at 3:30 pm at the Grand Hyatt Amman Hotel

The agenda per the Association bylaws (Attached) will include the following items:

  • Amending articles of association.
  • The association’s audited financial records for fiscal years 2019 and 2020
  • A brief presentation on the association’s achievements and progress update
  • Board of Directors Elections for the years 2021-2023


The board of directors nominees for the board term 2021-2023 are:

  1. Bigo Technology  ( NetStar (SG) PTE-LTD Jordan)(IMO) represented by Mr. Khaldoun Mahmoud
  2. BMBTech represented by Ms. Ruba Darwish
  3. Cisco Systems Jordan represented by Mr. Ala Al Masri
  4. CRYSTEl represented by Ms. Zeena Majali
  5. Dinarak represented by Mr. Imad AlOyoun
  6. ECHO Technology represented by Mr. Yousef Alem
  7. ESKADENIA SOFTWARE represented by Ms. Doha Abdelkhaleq
  8. ESTARTA Solutions represented by Dr. Mutaz Nabulsi
  9. Golden Square for Websites ManagementMawdoo3 represented by Mr. Rami Al Qawasmi
  10. Javna Wireless Software solutions represented by Mr. Mansour Mansour
  11. The Jordan Payments and Clearing Company  ( JOPACC ) represented by Ms. Maha Bahou
  12. Madfoo3atCom for Epayments Co represented by Mr. Nasser Saleh
  13. MenaITech  represented by Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh
  14. Hub for Developing and Managing Electronic Networks (OlaHub) represented by Mr. Eid Amjad Swais
  15. OpenSooq represented by Mr. Adey Salamin
  16. OPTIMIZA represented by Mr. Majed Sifri
  17. Orange – Jordan represented by Mr. Raslan Deiranieh
  18. Quality Business Solutions represented by Mr. Ahmad Abu Qaoud
  19. Second Step for Software Development LLC represented by Mr. Isam Bayazidi
  20. Umniah represented by Mr. Zaid Ibrahim
  21. United Business Applications (UBA)  represented by Mr. Hazem Al-Bawab
  22. Zain  represented by Mr. Tareq Bitar


As per int@j bylaws, an election committee will monitor the elections process. The committee members are:

  • Mr. Raed Najjab – int@j internal Auditor
  • Mr. Nidal Abu Al Ful – int@j Legal Advisor.
  • Eng. Nidal Bitar – int@j CEO.
  • MODEE /MOSD representer

Kindly confirm your attendance to or Tel +9626 5812013 Fax +9626 5812016. Should you be unable to attend and wish to deputize someone in your place, please fill the Proxy (Attached) form and return it to int@j before Wednesday, Sep 15, 2021 maximum by 12:00 noon.

Important Note:

According to the Association bylaws, kindly note that member companies with outstanding membership dues cannot vote on any of the assembly resolutions and elections, and only members with paid dues can vote, so please make sure you are current with your membership dues for the year 2021. To verify the status of your membership, kindly contact int@j’s finance department and an updated statement of account will be returned to you, indicating any potential past-due balances.

According to Prime Minister rules to be informed that all members attending the meeting should be vaccinated as of Sep 1st 2021. As per government protocol, All attendees will be checked on SANAD  App and If only first dose taken , should be 21 days before attending an Event


Board of Director duties include but not limited to:

  • Drive private ICT Sector growth (both sectorial and int@j Strategies)
  • Expand int@j membership base and reach, as well as assist in attracting new members
  • Promote and enhance int@j’s public image and represent int@j on behalf of the Private ICT Sector
  • Advocate on sector-related matters at all levels
  • Assist int@j in driving Exports, Employment, Investment, Innovation areas
  • Lead and participate in int@j Committees and National sectorial committees
  • Assist int@j in gaining members’ commitment to renewal and payment
  • Fundraising from different private sector, public sector, donors sources
  • Sponsor int@j’s events and receptions
  • Participate in driving the National ICT Strategy and its implementation