Global Technopreneurs Competition


Global Technopreneurs Competition is a second chance for the Startups to be featured in Digital AIM 2020

AIM Global Technopreneur is a platform for the Startup to pitch in their business idea exposing to the relationships, insights, and capital needed to scale their enterprises. It is an event for startups that were not able to win the pitch competitions or take part in it. It is a platform where Startups have the chance to pitch in their business ideas to several judges specialized in various fields such as Technology, Business Management, and Entrepreneurship, and much more. This year the AIM Startup pillar will bring together over 500 Startups to showcase their innovative solutions, present investment opportunities, and much more.

This is your chance to be featured at the digital platform that will take place on October 20th – 22nd.

Here is the link for AIM Global Technopreneurshttps://www.aimcongress.com/globaltech/profile/register/


The BENEFITS of taking part in this event are:

  • A virtual exhibition kiosk
  • One delegate pass for one team member.
  • Access to all AIM Digital Features (Opening Ceremony – Regional Focus Sessions – Digital Country

Presentation – Made in Series – Investment Roundtables – Investors’ Hub – Pre-Conference Workshops

– Conferences – Exhibition – Startup Pitch Competition – Conglomerate Presentation – Networking

Features – AIM Awards)

  • Potential meetings from a pool of 100 investors
  • Pitch your business to a panel of expert judges at our Global Technopreneur competition with a chance to

win a free entry into an incubator program by Microsoft for Startups, in case you do not win, your Startup

details will be fast-forwarded to the Microsoft in your country.

  • An opportunity to connect with potential investors, clients, partners, government officials, and industry


  • A platform to showcase your ground-breaking products/services to a global audience of investors,

corporates, industry experts, thought leaders, and government officials, all on a virtual platform.

  • A chance to build a network with like-minded founders who you can bounce ideas with and share common


  • Gain hands-on training, learn new technologies, and more effective ways to accomplish things and acquire

more knowledge about business subjects & concepts.

Startups coming from Jordan can enjoy the following rates:

  • Individual Rate – $ 350 + $50 (admin fee) + $20 (5%VAT) = $ 420
  • Booking Rate (minimum 5 Startups) – [$300 *5] + $50 (admin fee) + 5% VAT = Total