Mindvalley Advance Employee Learning and Development


Today’s top talent doesn’t want a traditional “Learning & Development program’.

They are searching for more than just career training, they want to grow personally.

Mindvalley for Business is designed to help your people be their authentic selves and reach their full potential.

And to help them find happiness and growth in all the areas of life that matter to each of them personally.


Mindvalley, is one of the top leading edge Ed-tech companies in personal transformation.

With over 15 million lives impacted, Mindvalley creates the world’s best programs in every category of human transformation (and now entrepreneurship).


As an Int@aj member, you get access to the entire Mindvalley library, plus live

workshops with guest speakers, mentoring, and meditation classes for less than $2/day.


How Mindvalley Works?

With access to over 25+ premium content, every month you will unlock a powerful new ability whether it’s tripling your reading speed, healing your body, becoming resilient to stress, or developing greater intuition, in just 20mins a day.


If you are wondering, whats in there for me because of this partnership?

Here’s how the math works out — If you were to enroll in all of Mindvalley Programs at their normal retail price, you’d be investing up to $499.


But with Mindvalley and Int@j partnership, we drop that down to just $149 a year (for Team licenses of 10+ users enrolled) and to $299 a year (for individual enrollment).

In short – This is the single best deal Mindvalley has ever made for a life-changing curriculum.

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For team enrollment, please send an email to to get the special once in a lifetime offer of $149

If you take up this opportunity, you will get to spend the next 12 months in a state of perpetual growth and transformation.


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