During its participation in the LEAP 2024 Conference, recently held in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Orange Group forecasted the future of smart cities and emphasized the crucial role of artificial intelligence and data analytics in paving the way for the digital transformation on the global level.

This year marks the third consecutive participation of Orange Business in the Conference, where it, alongside partners namely Dataiku, the leader in data analytics, and BioMed Central, the pioneering company in innovative software development, showcased its business solutions and digital vision on both regional and global levels.

Orange Groups’ pavilion served as a gateway to the future, highlighting digital trends that will reshape the sphere in the next few years, mainly within the context of the unprecedented developments that the user experience is witnessing as well as the increasing investments in digital networks and services.

According to Mohammed AlJeraisy, the Managing Director of Orange Business in KSA and Africa, the LEAP Conference is proof of the position that the Middle East has been enjoying recently when it comes to the advancements in artificial intelligence and technology in general.

AlJeraisy pointed out that data analytics and smart cities are leading the third wave of the digital knowledge revolution turning smart cities into a reality now closer than ever. AlJeraisy referred to Orange’s endeavors, to keep pace with the global trends to adjust its plans to provide users and customers with an excellent experience. He also mentioned that Orange adopts a working model that prioritizes the future referring to the King Abdullah Financial District in Riyadh as a testament of the future that is supported by technology.

AlJeraisy further added that the LEAP Conference once again confirmed that the path to digital transformation is paved with partnerships. Hence, the importance of the Conference, which brought together experts, global leaders, influencers, and technology companies, making it a significant annual gathering where companies can renew their priorities and inject blood into their digital plans.

Al Jeraisy concluded his statement by focusing on the fact that Orange Group has worked to develop its plans in light of the global digital revolution that sweeps around the globe, while prioritizing 4 main pillars, namely digital transformation, customer experience, employee experience, and operational excellence.

It is worth mentioning that Orange Jordan provides business solutions in line with these main pillars, to enable businesses to catch up with the global scene and revolutionize their operations to lead the future with confidence.

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