TjDeeD Technology and Dropbox held a co-seminar in Amman- Jordan, titled ”Digital Transformation” at Fairmont. The seminar was attended by CEOs, senior managers, and decision-makers from various sectors and companies and aimed to announce the partnership between TjDeeD and Dropbox and introduce Dropbox business services “Dropbox, Dropbox Sign, DocSend “to businesses in Jordan.

The seminar included a mix of lectures, technical sessions, and case studies through interaction with the participants and a practical training. Discussions revolved around Dropbox business services and how it allows the organization to speed up their digital transformation journey, save time, and increase efficiency.

“we are happy to organize the first seminar for Dropbox in Jordan, as we believe that Jordan business sector is wide and diverse, and could largely benefit from Dropbox services, the reason that led us to organizing a seminar is to introduce Dropbox business services to companies, professional and IT experts and discuss their needs and how we can meet their needs through Dropbox’s services” Regional Sales Manager at Dropbox Hiyam Chraiti said, Chraiti added: “we are holding this seminar in cooperation with our partner in the middle east TjDeeD, who helps us reach the right people and deliver our services with professional support”

Regarding the partnership with Dropbox, CEO of TjDeeD Technology, Ashraf AlQudah said: “we are proud of our partnership with Dropbox, and excited to organize this co-seminar which aims to introduce IT experts to solutions that will help them in simplifying their day-to-day tasks and assist them in achieving their goals in less time and less effort. In addition to increase their productivity through technology and digital services, we aim through this partnership to deliver Dropbox services to businesses in Jordan with offering unlimited support”

Al Qudah announced at the end of the seminar that TjDeeD opened a new branch in Iraq and welcomed the new country manager for Iraq Saed Abu Dahoud.