Estarta Egypt

Estarta is seeing notable growth with the expansion of its operations in Egypt! This expansion denotes the company’s commitment to innovation and also opens doors for talented professionals to join the growing global team.

Technical support engineer positions such as Business Admin, Technical Recruiter, and Outlook AH highlight the wide range of roles that have recently opened. Estarta is also actively seeking individuals with proficiency in Exchange Online and Exchange on premises, MS Office, SCCM, MDE “Defender,” and Intune (specifically with language expertise in French and German).

In addition, opportunities in MSG Dev/Graph and EXOP Core, Skype and Teams Support, Copilot, SharePoint, SCIM, Windows Support, and Azure Network have opened up. Estarta values diversity in its growth. As the company expands, it emphasizes the significance of hiring professionals who can contribute to its mission of providing top-notch solutions.

Estarta’s success story in Egypt is only one of many. To learn more about Estarta, please head over to To learn about the current vacancies at Estarta, in Egypt and around the world, head over to If you would like to apply to one or more of the current training programs, you can check out the Easy Apply page at For more information, follow our social media pages!