Estarta has just been revealed as one of the top 8 “Best Places to Work” in Jordan for the year of 2023!

What is the Best Places to Work Program?

“Best Places to Work” is a global prestigious certification program that provides employers around the world with the chance to measure the quality of their organizations. In other words, this program is a metric that can be used to assess employee satisfaction, working conditions, and best practices in the workplace.

Which Companies Qualify for Best Places to Work?

This certification is a symbol of a company’s work culture and sets the bar for excellence in employee involvement and satisfaction. As it were, the award is granted to businesses that demonstrate a commitment to developing a positive work environment and a strong culture of advancement and employee relations.

Estarta Ranks as one of the Best Places to Work

As of 2023, Estarta has been recognized as one of the Best Places to Work in Jordan for its engaging environment, quality of standards, and excellent benefits. In terms of the “Large Companies” category, Estarta has ranked at number 3! Overall, Estarta takes home the seventh place.

We want to highlight that this certification can only be achieved through the employees of an organization. This means that Estarta’s team consists of dedicated members, which is something we are highly proud of! Employees were asked to fill out a survey as part of the certification process and had the chance to answer anonymously and honestly on how they felt. These survey answers accounted for 80% of the certification process.

Employer of Choice

Organizations strive to obtain the most prestigious “Employer of Choice” certification, Best Places to Work. With the help of its in-house evaluation, the program certifies and honors top workplaces across several nations.

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