Estarta just attended the “Nutanix Career Day,” hosted by HTU where CEO Mutaz H. Nabulsi underscored Jordan’s crucial role as a “Leading Hub” in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and business process outsourcing.

Chairman Mr. Leith Masri also attended the event to reinforce Estarta’s belief in Jordan’s pool of talent and show solid support for local capabilities on a broad level.

Among the panelists, Mr. Mutaz highlighted this generation’s advantage in utilizing the digital resources at their easy disposal, especially in the age of data and AI. He also emphasized the high quality and value-for-money offered by Jordan’s business process outsourcing centers, with Estarta at the forefront.

Dana Darwish, representing Jordan Source, corroborated the notion of a highly talented Jordanian workforce, a sentiment notably recognized during the recent Tech Alliance Forum in Singapore. In addition, the acknowledgment from panelists and speakers cemented the capability of Jordan’s talent pool, placing it as a valuable asset on an international scale!

Closing the event, Mr. Mutaz, along with Dr. Nabil Alfayoumi from Digiskills, urged Jordan’s students to invest in their personal growth, assuring them that companies like Estarta are ready to support and push forward their professional lives ahead. This proactive encouragement aligns with the vision of Estarta and Jordan alike.

Lastly, HTU Professor Dr. Ismael AlHinti notes succinctly how important it is for academia, the public sector, and the private sector to all work together as an axis of support for the next generation of Jordan’s workforce.