Estarta held its annual International Women’s Day event on Friday, March 3rd, at the Four Seasons Hotel Amman. The evening was a huge success, filled with inspiring speeches, personal stories, and fun activities.

Amira ElAli, the MC and the Head of Public Relations and Women Empowerment Committee, launched the event with a few words, setting the atmosphere for the night. The CEO, Mutaz H. Nabulsi, and the Chairman, Leith Al Masri, followed suit with a few words of their own, expressing their appreciation and respect for the women of Estarta.

The highlight of the event was the panel that was held exclusively by Estartan ladies. They shared personal and inspirational stories of the challenges they faced as well as their successes, and how Estarta supported and empowered them to be where they are today.

Estarta also awarded certificates to the “most influential female” on each team as a way of acknowledging and celebrating the successes of its female employees.

To sum up, the night was a true testament to the culture of Estarta as a company that values women’s empowerment, diversity, and inclusion. As it were, Estarta currently has over 1500 employees, 45% of whom are female!