The Riyadh LEAP event was a significant event that brought together innovators, industry executives, and tech enthusiasts. Among the esteemed attendees, Estarta took the chance to showcase its innovative technology as well as ICT solutions and interact with titans of the tech sector.

ICT Solutions on Display

At LEAP, Estarta’s booth was under the Jordan Pavilion with the group of Intaj’s other associates where visitors could see the company’s state-of-the-art ICT solutions up close. With its wide range of innovative and significant products, including cutting-edge hardware integrations and revolutionary software applications, Estarta made a lasting impression.

Representatives from Estarta’s team were there to answer any questions that the attendees and visitors had.

The Impact Beyond LEAP

By taking part in LEAP, Estarta demonstrated its commitment to pushing technological frontiers and solidified its place as a major leader in the ICT industry. In addition to displaying the newest developments, the event provided a forum for networking with business executives and encouraging teamwork. Estarta is at the vanguard, influencing the direction of information and communication technology as the IT industry develops.