Pio-Tech was delighted to participate in the pleasant Middle East Banking AI & Analytics Summit. The event brought together influential bankers from Saudi Arabia, fostering insightful discussions and showcasing Pio-Tech’s revolutionary advancements in the banking sector.

During the summit, Mr. Jamal Dweik, Pio-Tech’s Digital Transformation Director, presented and discussed the topic “AI Platform for Connected Customers,” where he shared his deep expertise and industry insights with attendees. His presentation explored the capabilities of Pio-Tech’s AI platform, highlighting how it enables financial institutions to connect with customers on a more personalized and meaningful level. By harnessing AI technology, banks can gain valuable insights, deliver tailored services, and foster long-term customer relationships.

The Middle East Banking AI & Analytics Summit provided Pio-Tech to engage with industry peers, sharing our knowledge and vision for the future of banking. The audience was captivated by the insights and the possibilities that arise from leveraging AI technology to create a connected banking ecosystem.