Venture capital firm Flat6Labs held a demo day on Monday in which it showcased seven start-ups that graduated from its Amman Seed Program, the company announced in a press statement.

The seven start-ups — Arab Therapy, Bloom Cart, Ipass, Khareta, QuiqClaim, Shop4me, and Sukoon — presented their “innovative products and solutions”, the statement said. The start-ups cover a number of industries including health and wellness, tech, e-commerce, fintech, and cybersecurity.

Flat6Labs General Manager Rasha Manna, speaking on the occasion, voiced her pride in the participating start-ups and the effort they put into the last four months of the program and beyond.

“This kind of growth — and the individual achievements of our participants — encourages us to continue seeking out new and promising entrepreneurs from the local community,” Manna said.

The seven start-ups are part of the second cycle of the company’s seed program, which started on May 8, the statement said. The program brings together “top-notch international consultants, coaches, and mentors” who work closely with the start-up teams to achieve their goals.

Over the past four months, the seven startup teams have been working on growing their customer base, refining their offerings, expanding to new markets, and building strategic partnerships, the statement said.