Jordanian Elaf for Integrated Solutions – GatetoPay is honored to receive the esteemed Best B2B2C Fintech in Jordan Award from MasterCard. The recognition was presented by MasterCard during a prestigious event in Luxor, Egypt, where MasterCard unveiled its latest products and innovations while acknowledging outstanding partners across the region. This recognition not only acknowledges GateToPay’s commitment to innovation but also celebrates its success in implementing pioneering strategies tailored for fintech and financial institutions, shaping a more robust and rewarding financial landscape across the Middle East.

The award was received by Mrs. Rasha Asfour, GateToPay General Manager, who expressed gratitude, stating, “This recognition from MasterCard is a testament to our relentless pursuit of innovation and client-centricity. It fuels our ambition to continue pushing boundaries in the fintech sector, as we remain committed to empowering businesses and enhancing the fintech ecosystem for the benefit of all.” Asfour also extended appreciation to MasterCard for their continued partnership and recognition of GateToPay’s efforts, acknowledging their instrumental support in driving success and fostering innovation in the industry.

GateToPay’s partnership with MasterCard represents synergy and innovation, propelling both entities to the forefront of the payments revolution. Leveraging its extensive expertise and cutting-edge technology, GateToPay enables businesses to seamlessly transition into fintech leaders, driving growth and prosperity in the region.