Estarta recently attended the Women Entrepreneurship Conference at the GJU.

The German Jordanian University (GJU) wrapped up its Women Entrepreneurship Conference (GJU-WE) on Sunday, December 10. The highlighted topic of discussion at this conference was women’s entrepreneurial potential! The event proffered a full day of enriching talks, networking opportunities, and panels designed to inspire innovation. A panel discussion on “Entrepreneurs and Start-up Stories,” which examined the success stories of women and withdrawal, was one of the conference’s headliners.

This was followed by the second panel, labeled “From Idea to Industry: Nurturing Innovation in Startups.”

Along with these topics, the final panel discussed “National and Regional Policies, Knowledge Economy, and Educational Outcomes.”

The GJU Women Entrepreneurship Conference provided a forum for the exchange of ideas, the celebration of creativity, and the discovery of inspiration for female entrepreneurs to advance their personal and professional lives! We at Estarta applaud local efforts to advance the potential of women on a global scale.