Kuwait, Kuwait — In line with its digital transformation strategy, Gulf Bank has evolved its queue management system with SEDCO virtual queuing solutions to ensure a better and safer customer journey amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The virtual queuing system comprises a mobile appointment booking app and SMS notifications. These solutions are designed to help the bank serve customers without exposing them to the health risks that come with waiting in crowded waiting rooms and long queues.

The advanced mobile booking solution empowers Gulf bank’s customers to easily book appointments in advance and receive e-tickets where they will be informed of a tentative wait time, allowing them to arrive at the branch at an exact time without the need to wait at all. This will enable the bank to control the number of appointments per hour to eliminate crowded waiting areas.

SEDCO’s SMS notifications will further facilitate Gulf Bank’s initiative to introduce smart queuing and encourage customers to wait in their car or in other safer locations to ensure social distancing. This feature can be used to send an SMS alert to customers, notifying them about their turn status and directing them to enter the branch when their turn approaches.

Hussein Morsy, Business Development Manager at SEDCO spoke about the initiative and stated that “Gulf Bank is always adopting new technology and setting a precedent through effective digital transformation. With a virtual queuing system in place, the bank will successfully be able to serve customers during COVID-19 and beyond, thereby ensuring the health and safety of staff, customers, and the community.