ICS Financial Systems Limited (ICSFS), the global software and services provider for banks and financial institutions, today announced that Hammurabi Commercial Bank, a new established bank by the Central Bank of Iraq, has selected the multi-awards winning solution ICS BANKS® Universal Banking Software Suite.

It is worth mentioning that ICS BANKS from ICSFS has been in production and live in Iraq for over 15 years, with over 25 banks of Iraq’s local and foreign banks using ICS BANKS. 

CEO of Hammurabi Commercial Bank; Dr. Majed Al-Souri stated,

“We have chosen ICS BANKS Universal Banking application from ICSFS for its long, proven track record and trusted credentials in providing bespoke banking technology services in Iraq. We are looking for a great partnership in delivering the utmost banking services and provide a secured and enjoyable customer journey.”

Executive Director of ICSFS; Mr. Wael Malkawi stated,

“We are fully dedicated to our customers to provide them with growing business, identify profitable opportunities, increase their return on investment (ROI), and reduce costs, in addition to assist them in making the right decision. We are confident that Hammurabi Commercial Bank will benefit from our indepth experience in Iraq’s banking market and generate a better customer experience ecosystem.”

ICSFS invests in its software suites by utilising modern technology in launching new products, constructing a secured and agile integration, and keeping pace with new standards and regulations worldwide. ICS BANKS software suites future-proof banking activities by providing a broad range of features and capabilities with more agility and flexibility, to enrich customers journey experience, hence improving the trust and confidentiality between the customer and the bank. ICS BANKS has always been a pioneer in utilising the latest technology to serve financial institutions. In addition to its embedded Service-Oriented-Architecture (SOA), the system can be deployed on premises or in the cloud.