ESKADENIA Software is pleased to announce a new partnership and collaboration agreement with Heirs Insurance. This collaboration is a result of Heirs Insurance‘s determination to innovate its business workflows and reach new frontiers by embracing full insurance digitalization.

Heirs Insurance is a general and life insurance company based in Nigeria. It provides individuals and businesses with simple and accessible financial security plans and protection for their vehicles, properties, and more. ESKADENIA has provided Heirs Insurance with a group of leading-edge software systems from ESKA® Insures, ESKADENIA’s comprehensive insurance management suite.  The initial collaboration includes ESKA® General, ESKA® Life, ESKA® Financial, and ESKA® Reinsurance and ESKA Approval and ESKA Notification systems with an option to deliver other systems at Heirs.

ESKA® Insures delivers a pleasant digital experience for companies across the insurance industry and its various business lines. It is a flexible set of systems that provide customizable setup, completely automated underwriting, robust claims processing, and real-time financial posting. In addition, the software comes with dynamic reporting, dashboards, and customizable business portals. ESKA® Insures also integrates with ESKADENIA’s customer management systems such as ESKA CRM and other enterprise systems, including ESKA® Analytics, Legal, Workflow, and DOCS. The software suite also integrates with ESKADENIA’s own ERP suite, ESKA® Business Manager, and optionally utilizes APIs to integrate with third-party systems and services. The resulting benefits include optimized workflows and augmented productivity by streamlining the management of policies, claims, financials, and other insurance activities.

“Heirs Insurance and ESKADENIA Software have successfully taken into live operation a totally integrated set of insurance and support software systems in record time. The implementation process that involved the competent and professional Heirs and ESKADENIA teams have been efficient and smooth, and the cooperation between the teams has been exemplary. We look forward to a continued cooperation with Heirs to include the delivery of advanced analytics and business intelligence”. Stated Mr Nael Salah, Managing Director of ESKADENIA Software.

ESKADENIA Software is constantly striving to achieve distinct positions in the insurance industry’s digital transformation by delivering the finest software systems to customers. ESKADENIA Software systems ensure a smarter business cycle to improve business value and increase revenue through automating manual efforts, expediting operations, and saving costs.