Hemmeh 8 Estarta Ramadan Program

As every year during the holy month of Ramadan, Estarta reinstates its renowned annual program, Hemmeh, now in its 8th cycle! It was formerly known as TACreem, derived from the union of “TAC” (Technical Assistance Centre) and the Arabic word “tacreem” meaning recognition. Thus, Hemmeh continues its tradition of promoting motivation and camaraderie among employees.

One of the Many Estarta Benefits

Wondering why you should work at Estarta and join its growing team? Being an Estartan comes with many awesome perks and benefits! Hemmeh is one of the favorite benefits among Estarta employees. Head over to our Easy Apply page for openings and enjoy the many benefits at Estarta, such as Hemmeh.

Hemmeh 8 – Ramadan 2024

Since its first round in 2017, Hemmeh has been an instrumental initiative aimed at encouraging employees to deliver their best performances during Ramadan. The program revolves around the distribution of gifts to winners selected through a draw. This initiative aims to create a spirit of competition and celebration within the workplace to boost morale in Ramadan.

Estarta Hemmeh Week One

Hemmeh Week One got off to an incredible start with an all-company trivia contest—a first for Estarta. It was incredible to have participants from people outside the Jordan Branch. Previously, only Amman would host Hemmeh. So, this is the first year Hemmeh goes global, marking Hemmeh-8 with a milestone to remember.

Employees were not only entertained by the event, but it also demonstrated their enthusiasm and expertise. Congratulations resounded across the company as the victors received the proper recognition for their accomplishments.

Week Two – Estarta Got Talent

Hemmeh Week Two began with a focus on talent acknowledgment through the “Best Talents Videos Challenge.” The judging panel was amazed by the enthusiastic display of varied talents by Estarta staff. The week highlighted the talents and inventiveness of the Estarta family, reaffirming the company’s dedication to uniqueness and brilliance.

Week Three – Estarta Best Working Day Videos

Hemmeh’s third week was devoted to showcasing the commitment and diligence of staff members via “Best Working Day Videos.” By sharing snippets of their everyday schedules and workspaces, Estartans helped to build a sense of appreciation and camaraderie among coworkers.

Week Four – Peer Voting and Recognition

The focus switched to peer appreciation in Week Four, demonstrating the spirit of cooperation and support that permeates Estarta. Workers honored the accomplishments and efforts of their colleagues by casting ballots for them. As the week came to an end, everyone who had won a team received sincere congratulations!

Estarta Grand Ceremony – KPIs

As Week Five of Hemmeh draws near, anticipation is palpable. The crowd is supporting their colleagues and excitedly anticipating the announcement of “The Grand Prize” challenge, creating an electrifying environment. This last event, which is set for Thursday, April 18, promises to be a showcase for the skill and commitment of Estarta staff members.

With the big finale of Hemmeh-8 2024 approaching, the Estarta community is still unified in its quest for perfection. The program continues to honor and reward the contributions of TAC staff, Cloud Collab team members, and other support unit members throughout the company. This is thanks to internal criteria that managers have carefully defined.

Final Thoughts

Hemmeh-8 promises to be an unforgettable experience, exhibiting the skill, commitment, and unity that characterize Estarta. Hence, this is all in the spirit of Ramadan and brotherhood. The Hemmeh-8 team thanks everyone who has participated in the program and wishes them continued success as it concludes. If you liked this article, you can read more about our Ramadan activities in Estarta if you wish to learn more. Moreover, this includes Estarta’s CSR initiatives. Lastly, head over to our Estarta news page to stay informed on our latest updates. Learn more.