With disruptive fintech firms becoming a more pervasive fixture in the financial landscape, many traditional institutions are struggling to remain competitive. It’s here that digital solutions providers such as ICS Financial Systems (ICSFS) come in, helping banks to bolster their technological capabilities and maintain their market share.

ICSFS’s Digital Banking software platform, ICS BANKS, is a universal application that is available on the cloud, and helps banks to automate and streamline business operations. Its rich functionality, which includes features with more agility and flexibility, such as AI, open banking, and omnichannel digital banking touchpoints, also allows clients to create a more fruitful customer experience.

Thanks to its state-of-the-art product offering, ICSFS has been named as the winner of World Finance’s Best Banking and Financial Software Solutions Award 2019.

“The global recognition conferred upon ICSFS owes to its record of accomplishment among its clients, advanced technology, innovative universal banking system and vast market presence,” said Mustafa Belkouche, Media Sales Executive at World Finance.

ICSFS currently serves all business areas of financial services sectors through its many software suites packages. These include AI, open banking and blockchain-based solutions for both Conventional and Shariah compliant banks across three continents.

Robert Hazboun, Managing Director at ICSFS, said: “We are delighted to have World Finance recognise our innovative and revolutionised software solutions.”

He added: “we have positioned ourselves as one of the leaders in innovation especially in the digital banking software solutions industry, where we have received local, international and global recognitions that have set our footprints in this digital age.”

Technology’s role in financial services is only set to expand in coming years, making ICSFS’ solutions all the more crucial. By partnering with an experienced yet innovative solutions provider, institutions can ensure they remain technologically proficient to provide their customers with the security and customer service they expect.

To find out more about ICSFS, check out an exclusive interview with Executive Director Wael Malkawi in the latest edition of World Finance, available in print, online and on tablet now.