Estarta kicked off the tenth cycle of our incubator program. Representatives from Estarta went to host the first seminar in this year’s installment of the program.

What is Estarta’s Incubator Program?

The Estarta Incubator Program is an initiative that embodies the principles of development and collaboration. Estarta works with NetAcad to offer its talent development goals to Jordanian educational institutions.

Every year, the Estarta team visits universities all around Jordan to offer instructional presentations. Those with knowledge in computer science, network engineering, IT, communication engineering, or related fields are then urged to apply. This program’s primary audience consists of recent college graduates and those in their last year of study.

The entire program runs from January to August, giving it an approximate duration of a year. During this time, participants attend monthly sessions, which are typically conducted on the first Friday of the month. These provide budding professionals with crucial knowledge and perspectives on a wide range of relevant areas.

Estarta’s 10th Incubator Program

For the first chapter of this year’s Incubator series, our team headed to the first university out of many. This was at the Applied Science University, where a team of professionals held informative talks. Rania Halaby, Team Leader and CCIE-Holder, led the talk, where she explained the program’s outline to the students.

Work With Estarta

At the end of each of Estarta’s Incubator programs, a number of lucky students get the chance to work with Estarta! So, we urge our target audiences to apply and join.