Amman — Director of Professional Services at Integrated Technology Group (ITG) Mr. Bilal Abu Samaha stressed the importance of digital transformation at the Jordan Investment Commission (JIC) to create a competitive investment environment that is attractive to investors by providing smart, digital channels to enhance the Kingdom’s business environment.

Mr. Abu Samaha added that (ITG) is proud of what has been accomplished at the (JIC), which is the launch of the second phase of e-services at the commission. The new e-services tackle the issuance of visas and residence permits, which are provided through the Ministry of Interior’s commissioner at the (JIC). These new services were developed according to the international best practices in the field of smart government and include optimizing existing procedures and the use of technology, as well as linking all government agencies involved in offering the services. The result is the ability to obtain the required approvals in a quickly and easily, without the need to be physically present at the (JIC) or refer to any other entity. This has shortened the time needed to obtain these services from seven working days to at most one working day. The launch of the second phase of the commission’s e-services comes as a continuation of the cooperation between (ITG) and the (JIC), where 11 e-services related to investor services have already been launched. (ITG) has been working with the (JIC) to complete the automation project of the JIC’s services, which will be the largest services digitization in terms of a number of services under the umbrella of a single institution, the (JIC).

Additionally, Mr. Abu Samaha pointed out the importance of the partnership between the private sector, represented in this project by (ITG), and government institutions to enable the digital transformation process that the government is currently implementing within its various institutions, including the investment commission.

On Sunday, August 16, 2020, the Minister of Interior Mr. Salameh Hammad launched 11 automated e-services at the Ministry of Interior, which were provided through the Interior Ministry’s commissioner at the (JIC) and in the presence of (JIC) Chairman Dr. Khalid W. Wazani and (JIC) Secretary General Mr. Faridon Hartouqa.

The launch of these services aims to facilitate the business and investment environment in Jordan. These services include: granting residence permits to investors, granting residence permits to workers, extending temporary residence permits, cancelling residence permits, renewing visas, separating the residence permit, granting visas to investors and their relatives, and providing recommendations for the issuance of temporary passports.

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