The Information and Communications Technology Association of Jordan ‘Int@j’ announced the official launch of the Market Intelligence Function Portal – MIF, which was inaugurated during the closing of the MENA ICT Forum held in November 2022.
‘int@j’ said in a statement that the portal seeks to highlight the opportunities available to companies and enterprises in local and neighbouring markets, as well as markets across the MENA region that offer ample opportunities for Jordanian companies to work in.
Chairman of the Board of Directors of “int@j”, Eid Amjad Swais, announced that the unit will work on publishing its research and studies via an online platform, with free access for ‘int@j’ members, whereas a mechanism will be announced to guarantee that start-ups and non-member companies can benefit from these studies.
Swais said that the portal was launched in partnership with the the Employment-oriented MSME Promotion (MSME) project, implemented by GIZ on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)noting that it is considered a vital component in enabling companies to discover new markets and find strength and opportunities in the local and regional markets.
The GIZ implemented MSME project Team Leader, Diana Hollmann, added “ This platform and its associated services will contribute to Jordanian ICT MSMEs’ access to markets and thus improve their growth opportunities”.
Swais pointed out that the portal will work towards publishing specialized reports on the ICT sector in the local market and neighbouring markets, in addition to publishing a list of ICT-related conferences and events from the region and worldwide focused on Telecom & ICT sectors.
He added that detailed reports will be published on the market and sector regarding high-potential and emerging technologies or sectors, such as cybersecurity, outsourcing, Metaverse and others.
He assured that data will be updated constantly and methodically with a focus on the most recent changes in the ICT sector, in addition to providing the service provider with graphics related to ICT and relevant global trends.
Swais highlighted that the portal will also go beyond presenting economic data and will share with service receivers the details of tenders in Jordan as well as public and private tenders from the region.