The Information and Communications Technology Association of Jordan (int@j) will, on the 13th of November, be organizing iSouthJo, the first forum of its kind. It promotes innovation and job creation using the latest technology trends in the southern region of Jordan.

The forum, organized by Intaj in collaboration with various stakeholders related to entrepreneurship and taking place at Prince Hussein bin Abdullah II Cultural Center in Ma’an Governorate, aims to empower talented and creative entrepreneurs, startups, and SMEs by employing advanced technological technologies to promote and develop these projects.

The forum will discuss supporting and strengthening the business environment system in the southern governorates, networking specialists and experts from the private sector and supporters with stakeholders in the southern governorates, and exchanging knowledge and information on the latest technology.

The Forum also aims to find opportunities in the southern governorates to assist local communities develop and create jobs.

Chairman Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh said that entrepreneurs in the southern governorates have a historic opportunity to showcase their talents during the forum, which will be held for the first time in the governorate of Ma’an.

He added that these topics promote creativity and entrepreneurship towards opening new horizons for job seekers in the south of the Kingdom. He said that Int@j is keen to invest the outcomes of the Forum to integrate in its initiatives from the 1000 Entrepreneurs National Initiative board, SHETECHS, and the Blue Ocean Council, and National Skills Sector Council.

Dr. Hawamdeh stressed that the Forum seeks to create a common framework among all actors working in business in the southern governorates for maximum impact from all supporting efforts in the South from the public and private sectors, universities, civil society institutions and donors towards promoting economic development.

The Forum will include five main panel discussions: “The Ecosystem of the Southern Governorates”, “The role of new technology trends in advancing innovation & create more jobs in the Southern Governorates?” ,  “What does the Private Sector Expect from Universities & Fresh Graduates? & Can Remote Work Be Applied?”, “Can Gig Economy Make an Impact in the Southern Region?”, and “Role Models from the South Region Presenting Innovative Projects”.

The forum is open to university students, recent graduates, innovators, entrepreneurs, university faculty members, and local and international non-governmental leaders and donors.