Iraqi Islamic Bank, an Iraqi commercial bank headquartered in Baghdad with 14 branches in Iraq, has successfully integrated Pio-Tech’s advanced goAML solution. This implementation underscores the Iraqi Islamic Bank’s commitment to meet the regulator’s mandates to comply with AML requirements and generate the requested reports automatically and promptly.


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About IIB:
The Iraqi Islamic Bank for Investment and Development opened its door to the public on the 23rd February 1993 and was initially approved by the Iraqi Central Bank on the 19th December 1992.Since its inception, the IIB was set to working according to the investment criteria and not according to fixed principles of profit-based standards of Islamic law, hence the bank’s main aim was and remains to contribute to the support and the development of national economy and its reconstruction through financial investment in various standard investment projects and opportunities, with its present banking dealings are all in accordance with the provisions of Islamic law.