As a part of the ongoing Uni-Match project, Estarta was among the many companies to attend the job fair at the Movenpick hotel on the 25th of October. Our HR and PR ladies were there to represent the company as a leader in the Jordanian ICT scene.

Estarta and Job Opportunities

With much anticipation, bright young minds looking to explore their career paths and options gathered at the Movenpick hotel for the job fair. Estarta had the chance to network with these up-and-coming individuals at the event, who might end up leading the ICT industry in the future! Our HR staff held insightful discussions, offered informative career guidance, and highlighted the great opportunities that await individuals who elect to work at Estarta.

Estarta and Job Fairs

For Estarta, taking part in events such as this job fair is not just about hiring new employees but also about creating a community and laying the groundwork for future growth! Future-proofing is not something we as an organization take lightly, and we ardently believe our strongest asset is our human capital!

In order to interact with the guests and give them a peek at the initiatives that spur innovation in Jordan’s ICT industry, our PR representative was there. Estarta is still dedicated to helping educational programs like Uni-Match so that gifted people can start their road toward success and professional development.