Kuwait Finance House (KFH) has signed an agreement with Pio-Tech, one of the leading companies in the development of digital transformation solutions, to apply the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology powered by UiPath.

Group Chief Operations Officer at KFH, Abdulla Mohammed Abu Alhous said that the Robotic Process Automation technology will provide KFH with the ability to create an innovative technology environment that accelerates and automates the banking operations and repeatable business process tasks leading to enhanced customer satisfaction and business growth.

He pointed out, in a press release, that the project involves optimizing cutting-edge RPA technology to increase the market share, attract and retain customers, and allow the employees to focus on more value-adding and customer-centric activities. The initiative will significantly optimize internal processesaccelerate lengthy operationsreduce operational costs, and enhance operational accuracy.

Abu Alhous expressed his pleasure in working with Pio-Tech, indicating that “applying the RPA technology will elevate our bank’s internal processes, making sure they’re done in a rapid and accurate manner to guarantee the minimum response time and enhance the overall customer’s experience, opening the way for more future digital transformation approaches”.

Meanwhile, Tariq Saffarini, the CEO of Pio-Tech, stated: “As KFH is considered world’s leading Islamic financial institution, we are striving to serve them with the highest levels of commitment and perseverance to meet their expectations and provide them with the best solutions and modern technologies in the banking sector.”

It is worth noting that KFH has made great strides in its digital transformation strategy while enhancing customer experience and meeting their aspirations and needs, thanks to its unique and innovative banking services and solutions.

KFH moves forward in its approach of integrating innovative solutions and banking technology in its operations, launching digital transformation initiatives which contributes to adding a distinct value to the experience of customers who are looking for fast and easy banking services.