Ejad International for Business Solutions Co. has introduced its “Ejad” application, enabling customers to request maintenance and installation services online. This user-friendly application aims to streamline the process of finding service providers in various occupational sectors, saving users valuable time and effort. Additionally, it allows professionals in these sectors to expand their businesses and market the services they offer using technological tools.

The application offers a diverse range of services across more than 40 occupational sectors, including electrical work, HVAC, plumbing, carpentry, and various construction works such as tiling, painting, decorations, renovations, and much more. This makes it convenient for users to request multiple services from one place, in addition to allowing them to evaluate and enhance the quality of these services.

In turn, Mrs. Amina Mari, the General Manager of Ejad company, confirmed that the idea behind the application stemmed from the need to organize the occupational sector and the necessity of linking its services to the rapidly advancing technological developments. Additionally, there is a need to raise awareness among service providers about the importance of adhering to quality and safety standards during work execution. She pointed out that the application caters to a broad spectrum of beneficiaries, including the residential sector, as well as various types of companies, organizations and factories.

The vision of “Ejad” application is to be the leading platform in connecting all concerned in the occupational sector, including service providers, suppliers, and beneficiaries. This is achieved by offering high-quality services in accordance with the application’s values, which include collaboration, quality, safety, commitment, and development.