ESKADENIA Software, a leading provider of best-in-class business systems that accelerate digital transformation, is pleased to announce the launch of a powerful and dependable legal case management system ESKA®Legal “Idbara”, a part of ESKADENIA`s robust software series.

ESKA Legal has changed how legal practice works, from consulting, defining clients, and handling all legal activities. The need for digitalization is accelerating with the tremendous that challenges law firms face. ESKA Legal helps legal service providers streamline their operations by providing a smart and comprehensive software system for legal case management including Document Management. Moreover, ESKADENIA Software offers the legal departments several legal and integrated enterprise systems to manage their legal cases, legal services & fees, client information, legal staff, and billing.

ESKA Legal provides significant solutions designed for clients’ needs with fully customized rules and regulations, the system comes with an exceptional user experience joined with enhanced functionality that is created using cutting-edge software technologies. Now law firms can make more well-informed decisions, grow wisely, and reduce costs through the flawlessly designed ESKA Legal system. The software provides dynamic configuration, customizable dashboards, configurable workflows, and extensive reporting. Since maintaining clients’ and lawyer databases is essential, ESKA Legal perceives any basic contact information about the clients and lawyers for future reference.

This system has been a keystone of the legal industry and law firms since its launch.  Offering a complete set of cutting edge features that empower clients and meet their changing demands. With a complete abandonment of paper consumption and the ability to access, trace and document all legal process through multiple devices in license form or on the Cloud.

“Using ESKA IDBARA’s fully automated legal management system has streamlined our operations, saved us countless hours, and ensured accuracy in every case. It’s truly a game-changer for our legal practice” – Ms. Lama AL Tamimi – Zain Jordan Legal Department

“ESKA Idbara is a comprehensive system designed to manage all the legal procedures across various legal departments or related areas within a law firm, banks or large enterprise handling complex legal tasks This system is a keystone of the legal service, offering a complete set of digitized features with a complete abandonment of paper consumption, and the ability to access, trace, and document the legal process through multiple devices in the license form, or on the Cloud for one or thousands of lawyers subscribed ” Stated Ms Doha AbdelKhaleq, Managing Partner & Co-founder at ESKADENIA Software.