MenaITech, the region’s largest provider of human capital information systems (HCIS) services has recently signed an exclusive partnership agreement with Altibbi, a digital healthcare platform that provides its users with access to health advice 24/7 through its websites and apps.

Altibbi will provide it’s ‘call a doctor’ service to MenaITech’s MenaME-Plus users (MenaITech’s Employee/Manager Self Service Mobile App). Today, tens of thousands of employees from different institutions rely on MenaME-Plus.

The partnership agreement was signed by MenaITech’s founder and CEO, Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh, and by Altibbi’s founder and CEO Jalil Al Labadi.

The partnership agreement resulted in the successful integration of MenaITech’s MenaME-Plus software to Altibbi’s application so users can seamlessly call trusted doctors and inquire about health related issues.

This integration will provide ‘call a doctor’ service to MenaME-Plus users allowing them to call a network of experienced and qualified doctors 24/7/365, anywhere. This service will increase employee’s efficiency, provide them and their beneficiaries with access to doctors anytime, anywhere and decrease company health expenses.

The new service which ensures user’s privacy and data protection will allow MenaME-Plus users to ask unlimited number of questions to doctors. The service will be available in 10 Arab countries where Altibbi and MenaITech operate; Jordan, Palestine, Egypt, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar and Oman.

Altibbi’s platform provides healthcare related information and advice across the Middle East. It links patients in a confidential manner with accredited doctors and provides 24-hour medical advice. The medical site also maintains a directory of 12,000 doctors who have been verified and respond to the on-site Q&A page where patients can receive answers to their non-time sensitive health questions and communicate directly with multiple doctors.

“This agreement embodies the concept of partnership between Jordanian tech companies operating in different sectors, to collaborate and provide new joint services to benefit the economy, institutions and human resources departments,” said Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh, CEO of MenaITech.

Dr. Bashar pointed out that MenaITech is working to support Jordan’s leading companies and the economy through partnerships and adopting these innovative services and platforms. He predicts that this partnership with Altibbi will result in introducing unique services that shall increase productivity, reduce costs and effort on employees and human resources managements specially when it comes to health insurance.

Mr. Jalil Allabadi stated his pride to be working with a big company like MenaITech which operates in multiple regional countries and will allow Altibbi to extend its services to employees from those countries.