Founding CEO, Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh, addressed students of the Princess Sumaya University for Technology in an informal lecture entitled “A Journey through a Bechnical Career and Creating Opportunities.” Attending alongside students interested in entrepreneurship in technology were members of the Menaitech administration and Princess Sumaya University for Technology.

Through an ongoing collaborative partnership, numerous mutual events, training courses, and seminars are held between Menaitech and Princess Sumaya University for Technology throughout the year.

Dr. Hawamdeh spoke about his personal journey of facing obstacles and seizing opportunities that led to entrepreneurship in the world of human resource technology. This journey led to the establishment of Menaitech as the first localized human resources management system in the Middle East and North Africa region, and its expansion over more than 20 years to presently provide innovative technological services to more than 2 million users.

The lecture also emphasized the personal skills needed for business success and discussed the different types of pitfalls that should be avoided and the opportunities that should be looked for to distinguish a business from other existing businesses.

Emphasizing the power of a good idea and hard work, Dr. Al-Hawamdeh said: “Greater success is achieved with long sight, rather than focusing on immediate profit as a main goal. All you need to do is solve a present problem creatively, then excel at executing the solution.”

Dialogue with market leaders imparts inspiring advice on issues and obstacles that today’s generation faces, particularly as they consider their career path and current and future opportunities within the needs of the labor market.

The event included a question-and-answer session that addressed the students’ interests and concerns, reflecting their eagerness to benefit from insight on ways to succeed beyond college years and as they undertake local markets and beyond.