Arab Advisors Group released a new telecommunication report entitled: Telecom Churn – Causal Factors, Mitigating Measures, and Announced Rates. The report presents real-life mitigating measures implemented by telecom operators and groups across 10 Arab countries to keep their churn at its lowest rates. Furthermore, Arab Advisors Group analyzed churn causers among those telecom operators and groups, categorizing them into voluntary and involuntary churn.

Churn rate is among various crucial indicators to track, especially for businesses that rely on recurring revenues or subscribers. Eliminating churn completely among enterprises is unachievable; hence, businesses are obliged to investigate churn causers and catalysts. Churn analysis complements the metric by pinpointing underlying causal factors which when tackled keeps churn at its lowest.

In this report, Arab Advisors Group analyzed a total of 25 telecom operators and groups across 10 Arab countries. The report “Telecom Churn – Causal Factors, Mitigating Measures, and Announced Rates”, which was released in September 2023, answers the below questions:

  • Which voluntary and involuntary churn causers have their toll on telecom operators and groups?
  • What are telcos’ adopted mitigating measures to keep churn at its lowest?
  • How transparent are the analyzed telecom operators and groups in terms of churn rates?
  • How do telecom operators and groups calculate their churn rates?
  • Do enforced governmental measures and guidelines contribute towards telecom churn?
  • What is the role of digitization in churn reduction?

“It’s axiomatic that unmet expectations concerning any service translate to churn. Zooming in on the telecom sector, operators work assiduously to provision exceptional services without degradation; realistically speaking, however, this is unattainable. Having said that, telecom operators are seen heavily upgrading their networks, refurbishing their plans and offerings, as well as elevating their customer care services in efforts to undermine the impact of churn on their subscriber bases.” Noted Hiba Rabadi, Arab Advisors Group’s Deputy General Manager.

“One noticeable observation among MENA’s telecom operators is their dependency on digitization to reduce churn. With access to novel, Internet-based technologies such as artificial intelligence (“AI”), big data, and machine learning, telecom operators are able to bolster their internal operations and introduce state-of-the-art support services, resulting in successful reduction in churn.” added Rabadi.

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